Faculty Guides

Faculty Guides serve the University community as independent resources to discuss challenging faculty issues and identify related information regarding institutional policy. Through their service, Guides help ensure the appropriate use of policies, and thereby a positive and equitable work environment.

Guides are also available to chairs. Although chairs have comparable policy expertise, Guides can help chairs consider multiple perspectives and understand the university policy environment more broadly.

What can you ask a Guide about?

Guides are available to meet one-on-one, to listen and help faculty members understand which university policies might be relevant to a specific professional and/or personal situation. Guides provide information so that individual faculty members and chairs better understand what policy options and resources are available. Examples include:

  • Utilizing faculty leave (e.g., parent or medical leaves)
  • Mental health resources for faculty and staff
  • Understanding and navigating potential conflicts of interest
  • Finding out more about retirement before talking to HR or your chair
  • How to find information about promotion and tenure procedures

Meet Your Guides

  • Donna Broshek, PhD, ABPP-CN, is the John Edward Fowler Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences. She directs the Neuropsychology Assessment Clinic and has been on faculty since 1998. Dr. Broshek is available to consult with faculty members from the School of Medicine.
    Contact Donna Broshek.
  • Bethany Teachman, PhD, is a Professor and the Director of Clinical Training in the Department of Psychology. She has been on faculty at the University of Virginia since 2002. She is also a licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Teachman is available to consult with faculty members from all other schools.
    Contact Bethany Teachman.

Upcoming Events:

There are no current upcoming faculty guide events.

Additional Information

Guides do not offer therapeutic counseling and will not directly advise individuals to take particular actions. Given the informal and independent role of the Guides, they do not participate in formal investigations or formal issue resolution processes, serve in any organizational role that would compromise the neutrality of the Guide position, nor make binding decisions or mandate policies. While the Faculty Guides aim to maintain the privacy of information shared with them, they cannot guarantee confidentiality with respect to the disclosure of information for which they have mandatory reporting responsibility per law or University policy (e.g., disclosures of potential discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, or suspected child abuse or neglect).

Guides will help you navigate the policy terrain at UVA and put you in touch with the right resources and people to meet your needs.

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