Faculty Affairs

Maïté Brandt-Pearce

Maite Brandt-Pearce
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Maïté Brandt-Pearce is Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Professor of Electrical Engineering. In the Provost’s Office, Brandt-Pearce is responsible for coordinating faculty recruitment and retention efforts university-wide. She also develops and implements faculty policies, oversees the promotion and tenure process at the University, directs faculty development programming, assists faculty in addressing dual career issues, and coordinates efforts to ensure diversity, inclusion, and equity.


The COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey provides actionable data about the conditions--the environment, policies and practices--that support faculty doing their best work.

Previous COACHE

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COACHE 2016 Report

Highlights from COACHE 2020

COACHE Demographics

All full-time salaried teaching & research faculty (tenured, tenure-track & General) who have worked at UVA for at least one year, except for the School of Medicine as well as senior academic administrators (deans & assoc. deans).

  • Response rate in 2016: 47% (Peers 41%)
  • Response rate in 2020: 44% (Peers 38%)

Faculty Personnel Actions Requiring Approval by the Board of Visitors

The University’s Board of Visitors (BOV) retains final authority for the personnel actions of all full-time professorial faculty (not lecturers or instructors), including elections (new hires, named professorships, and emeritus status), “off-cycle” salary changes to base salaries (typically for additional responsibilities or competitive retention purposes), promotions in professorial rank, and tenure, and certain executive administrative elections.

3x3 Video Series

3x3 Process

3x3s were created to disrupt monolithic understandings of communities at UVA and to provide online opportunities for learning among instructors.

Professional playwrights worked with members of the UVA community--including staff, students, and faculty-- to generate short, fictionalized monologues. The monologues were then workshopped in collaboration with an actor, who offered their personal insights and artistry to the process.