Learning Management System


Undergraduate Schools

The University is undergoing a phased transition of its Learning Management System (LMS) that will conclude with all undergraduate schools using a new centrally managed Canvas platform as their LMS by fall 2023. More information about this transition is available here. Until this transition is fully complete some courses in undergraduate schools will use a different LMS. Department or school administrators can provide information regarding the LMS assigned to courses.

Prior to the transition, most undergraduate schools have used UVACollab — the centrally managed platform now being phased out — as their LMS. The School of Education and Human Development and the School of Continuing and Professional Studies have used school-managed versions of Canvas, while the McIntire School of Commerce has used Blackboard.

The transition to the centrally managed Canvas platform will occur in phases beginning with a small-scale closed pilot in fall 2022. Approximately 40% of faculty in the undergraduate schools will use Canvas in spring 2023. All remaining courses in undergraduate schools will transition by fall 2023.

Schools Not Teaching Undergraduates

The Darden School of Business and the School of Law use school-managed versions Canvas and will not transition to the new central version. The School of Medicine will continue with its bespoke learning management system called learn.med for the MD curriculum, but other academic programs that previously used UVACollab will be transitioning to the new centrally managed Canvas. Faculty members in these schools may contact their department or school administrators for information regarding their respective LMS.

Non-course Collaborations

UVA provides a variety of tools to facilitate the work of project teams, research groups, committees, and other non-course collaborations. Guidance is available at: https://in.virginia.edu/collaboration-tools.