Guidance for Undergraduate Students Concerning the CR/GC/NC Grading Option

On November 21, 2022, UVA Provost Ian Baucom announced that for Fall 2022, undergraduate students will have a special grading option.  

In January, after completing your courses and seeing your grades, you will have the option to keep the grade that you earned or, for some or all of your classes, choose the Credit (CR) / General Credit (GC) / No Credit (NC) grading option. 

CR is awarded for a grade of C or higher and meets all degree requirements; GC is awarded for a passing grade below C (C-, D+, D, or D-) and meets any degree requirement that is satisfied by a passing grade below C; NC is for a non-passing grade (that is, F). The following notation will be included on undergraduate transcripts: “University-wide disruption. Student had option to select CR/GC/NC grading rubric. CR meets all degree requirements; GC meets limited requirements; NC is no credit (F). CR/GC/NC not included in GPA calculation.” Classes with the CR/GC/NC option are not considered in the GPA calculations. Please note that some graduate classes have a different grading scale. 

If you are not graduating in December 2022, you will receive an email on January 16 with instructions about how to select the CR/GC/NC option, and you will have until January 20 to select that option. If you are graduating in December 2022, you will receive an email on January 2 with instructions about how to select the CR/GC/NC option, and your deadline for selecting that option is January 6. (Your official degree conferral date will remain December 16, 2022.) If you are graduating, do not wish to convert any of your grades to CR/GC/NC, and need your degree conferred earlier because of extenuating circumstances, please contact your school registrar

The decision about selecting or not selecting the CR/NC/GC grading option may have important consequences. This document provides guidance to enable you to make an informed choice. This guidance is intended for undergraduate students. Some graduate and professional students also have this grading option; graduate and professional students should contact their academic advisor, department, or school for guidance.  

No one can predict exactly how students’ future professional and educational aspirations may be affected by their decisions to select or not select the CR/NC/GC grading option. In contrast with the situation during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, when many universities offered alternative grading options, the tragic events of November 13, 2022 were specific to UVA. It is important that students speak with their advisors and conduct their own research to better understand the choices they are making. University leadership, and all of those who work with students, encourage students to put their own health and wellness first and focus on their needs in this challenging time.  

What Choosing CR/GC/NC Means for a Student’s Time at UVA 

What Choosing CR/GC/NC Means after UVA Graduation