woman walking down a brick pathway with a row of white columns on both sides.

About Public Service Pathways

Launching in Fall 2022 with the class of 2026 the Public Service Pathways program is designed to help students connect to public service as a personal commitment, a lifelong practice, or even a career. Pathways is designed to help students get the knowledge, experiences, and career guidance they need to make positive change in the lives of others. Through the Pathways program, students choose from a mix of internships, research and service opportunities, mentoring, and alumni connections to expand on their academic interests and plan for their future.

Pathways students will spend their first year getting to know UVA and the resources it offers to the civic-minded student. Beginning in their second year, students will have the chance to focus their learning on one or more of the following public service pathways: Global Sustainability, Public Health, Public Arts, Justice, Public Interest Technology, or Education.