Summer Employment and Appointments

  1. Summer Employment

    During the summer, a faculty member who is elected on an academic year basis may receive a maximum of one-third of the previous academic year salary from all University sources. These sources include, for example, the total of teaching in the Summer Session, research on a sponsored program, and teaching or public service with the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. The limit is based on the past academic year salary, not on the upcoming salary.

    A faculty member who is appointed for twelve months may not receive extra compensation, including pay during the vacation period, except as overload payment as provided by the policy on consulting.

  2. Summer Appointments

    Appointments for summer teaching are made by the director of the Summer Session through the schools and departments. A full load consists of teaching two courses (three semester hours each) over the nine-week session or one course over a three, four and one-half, or six week period. A special salary schedule prepared by the director of the summer session, determined by the summer session budget, is the normal basis for compensation.

    The summer session faculty handbook explains the details of summer appointments and other administrative matters.