Dual Career Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Should I apply for jobs in Charlottesville before my spouse/partner is offered a position?

Searching for a new position takes time.  We suggest that you start familiarizing yourself with the local job market as soon as you are able.  If you see positions that appeal to you, we encourage you to apply.  The earlier you start, the more opportunities you will have to make contacts and build your network in Charlottesville.

If my spouse/partner is offered a faculty position, will the Dual Career Program guarantee me a position at UVA?

The Dual Career Program cannot promise or guarantee placement in a position inside or outside of UVA.  We do provide a range of services that we tailor to individuals seeking assistance. Our services are designed to help UVA faculty spouses and partners:

  • Identify local job opportunities,
  • Refine their resume or CV,
  • Network in our community, and
  • Prepare for interviews.

May I schedule a phone consultation with the Dual Career Program now?

We begin phone consultations with spouses and partners after faculty candidates are selected for an on-Grounds interview. 

Are Dual Career Program services available for faculty in non-salaried positions or salaried staff positions?

Although individualized consultations are not available, the Dual Career website contains significant material that is intended to be of assistance to Charlottesville area job seekers.