Claire Flynn

Claire Flynn, Dual Career Program Coordinator
Dual Career Program Coordinator
Claire facilitates a variety of Faculty Affairs processes and initiatives in the Provost’s Office. Her work has a focus on process improvement and implementation of systems that promote increased clarity and transparency in Faculty Affairs activities. As a part of this work, Claire shares responsibility for the preparation of personnel actions for Board of Visitors approval.


The Provost’s Office Administrative Team manages...
the day-to-day functions of the Provost’s office, including finance/budget, facilities, classroom management, human resources, and communications. We provide guidance to the Provost, her leadership team, and others on academic budgets, policy, planning, and governance. The Vice Provost for Administration oversees the academic policy process and supports the Academic & Student Life Committee of the Board of Visitors.

Jenny Mikulski

Jenny Mikulski, Faculty Actions Specialist and Administrative Generalist
Faculty Actions Specialist and Administrative Generalist
As Faculty Actions Specialist, Jenny prepares personnel actions for Board of Visitors approval, coordinating those workflows with all schools. she designs reference materials for the Faculty Affairs toolkit, manages a monthly University-wide meeting of Faculty Affairs administrators, and tracks endowed professorships, including those funded by the University’s Bicentennial Strategic Initiative.

Margaret J.P. Harden

Maggie Harden, Associate Provost for Academic Administration
Associate Provost for Academic Administration
Margaret (Maggie) J. Peña Harden has over 15 years of experience in higher education and has expertise in program assessment and evaluation, strategic planning, organizational and leadership development, institutional research and benchmarking, faculty affairs, equity, and inclusion.

Keisha Jones

Keisha Jones, Administrative Generalist
Administrative Generalist
Keisha supports both Vice Provost for Academic Outreach Louis Nelson and Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives Megan Barnett. As the newest member of the Provost’s Office administrative team, she is intently building her knowledge of the office and looks forward to opportunities to aid assorted initiatives and activities within the portfolios of the vice provosts whom she assists.