Hiring Plan Instructions

Date: June 23, 2021

To: Ian Baucom - Dean College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Scott C. Beardsley - Dean Darden School of Business, Craig Benson - Dean School of Engineering and Applied Science, Ila Berman - Dean School of Architecture, Phil Bourne - Dean School of Data Science, Pam Cipriano - Interim Dean School of Nursing, Risa L. Goluboff - Dean School of Law, Alex Hernandez - Dean School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Nicole Jenkins - Dean McIntire School of Commerce, Robert C. Pianta - Dean School of Education and Human Development, Ian Solomon - Dean Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, David Wilkes - Dean School of Medicine, John M. Unsworth - University Librarian and Dean of Libraries

Fr: M. Elizabeth Magill Executive Vice President & Provost
Maïté Brandt-Pearce Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Cc: Academic Associate Deans
Administrative Associate Deans
Vice Provosts and Provost Office Personnel

Re: FY 2022 Faculty Hiring Updates

Now that the hiring freeze has ended we are writing with several updates on faculty hiring.

Hiring Plans

This year there is no set deadline for submission of your hiring plans. Rather we will accept review and approve faculty hiring plans from each school on a rolling basis. Please include all TTT and General (NTT) faculty hires at 0.5 FTE or above. You do not need to include specifics regarding faculty wage positions or visiting positions as they should only be used to serve short-term or intermittent needs. However the strategy narrative submitted as part of the plan should include a discussion of the proportion of TTT NTT and wage hiring that is anticipated and the rationale for this distribution.

The School of Medicine should follow their pre-COVID procedures for assessing their faculty hiring needs and will not be charged with submitting a faculty hiring plan.

All hiring plans should be consistent with the resources you anticipate will be available to the school consistent with our RCM/UFM model.

This year the Provost’s Office will gather information from Workday to arrive at a report of 2020-2021 faculty searches that filled or failed. We plan to ask each school to review the report we generate for accuracy. Additional details will be forthcoming.

More detailed instructions regarding the hiring plan process are available. Please share these instructions with the individuals in your schools who will be compiling/assisting with your hiring plan.

Off-Cycle Requests

The Provost’s Office will continue to offer an off-cycle process to request faculty hiring approvals not included in the hiring plan; although not preferred we understand that these are sometimes unavoidable. Off-cycle requests may be intiated here. If you need to resolve a faculty hiring request before the faculty hiring plan in your school is submitted please use this form.

Exceptions to Search

Going forward the Provost’s Office will ask each school to initiate requests for exceptions to search (on the grounds of extraordinary qualifications unique circumstances dual career etc.) using Smartsheet instead of VPFA@virginia.edu. Our goal in implementing this system is to provide requestors with greater visibility and to streamline the request process by asking for all relevant information at the outset. You may access the exception form here.