Hiring Plan Instructions

Date: June 23, 2022

Re: FY 2022 Faculty Hiring Updates

As in years past, deans are required to submit comprehensive faculty hiring plans to the Provost for approval prior to posting any salaried faculty positions. This year we will review and approve faculty hiring plans on a rolling basis.

Schools should include all planned academic faculty hires of 0.5 FTE or greater. Although schools are required to discuss anticipated hiring by faculty type (tenured/tenure-track, academic general, vs. wage), faculty wage and visiting faculty positions should not otherwise be included. All proposed hires should be consistent with anticipated school resources as identified in the school’s approved budget and long-term financial plan in alignment with UVA’s RCM/UFM model.

If you anticipate that you will be hiring faculty through Grand Challenges in 2022-23, please include them in your hiring plan. The provost’s office is organizing meetings in July to discuss Grand Challenges hiring and coordination; if you need to amend your plan or add more details after those meetings you will be able to do so.

Specific instructions as to the required hiring plan components are attached. Please share these instructions with the individuals in your schools who will be compiling/assisting with your hiring plan.

Each school should plan and allow for a minimum three-week Provost Office review period.

The School of Medicine should follow their established and approved procedures for assessing their faculty hiring needs and are not charged with submitting a faculty hiring plan as outlined in the attached.

The Provost’s Office will continue to offer an off-cycle process to facilitate the approval of faculty hires not included in the hiring plan. The majority of salaried faculty positions should be included in the hiring plan, but we recognize that unexpected needs arise. Off-cycle requests may be initiated on the Exception to Search Requests and/or Off-Cycle Hire Requests form.