Highlights from COACHE 2020


The Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey provides actionable data about the conditions–the environment, policies and practices–that support faculty doing their best work.  Find out more about survey topics and format on the COACHE website.

COACHE 2020 Demographics

All full-time salaried teaching & research faculty (tenured, tenure-track & General) who have worked at UVA for at least one year, except for the School of Medicine as well as senior academic administrators (deans & assoc. deans).

  • Response rate in 2020: 38% (Peers 38%)

What did Faculty Tell us Were the Best and Worst Aspects of Working at UVA?

Perceived Strengths and Weaknesses

What is the planned Institutional Response? 

Our action plan will be finalized after we collect feedback from the faculty and the schools.  These plans might include:

  • Review faculty compensation compared to peers

  • Build on our plans to increase faculty diversity and support underrepresented faculty in all fields

  • Address faculty concerns regarding their service work and how it is assigned and valued

  • Continue to support and enhance resources for research and collaboration (3Cavaliers, President & Provost’s Fund for Institutionally Related Research, etc.)

  • Evaluate dual-career program and resources provided to align better with school needs

  • Review family benefits and policies to better align with faculty needs

  • Consider developing a University-wide new faculty mentoring program

  • Review and revise Promotion & Tenure and academic general faculty, and annual faculty performance review policies to ensure fairness and clarity

  • Provide leadership training to department chairs to improve climate and culture for increased collegiality and engagement, especially for faculty of color