Appointments, Tenure & Evaluation

Summer Employment and Appointments

  1. Summer Employment

    During the summer, a faculty member who is elected on an academic year basis may receive a maximum of one-third of the previous academic year salary from all University sources. These sources include, for example, the total of teaching in the Summer Session, research on a sponsored program, and teaching or public service with the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. The limit is based on the past academic year salary, not on the upcoming salary.

Guidelines for General Faculty Staffing Due to Financial Stringency


    1. These guidelines pertain to the termination of employment or the reduction of the contractual cycle of members of the general faculty due to financial stringency.  As used in these guidelines, a condition of “financial stringency” exists when funds from which the salaries of such individuals are paid cease to be available to the University for such purposes, as the result of the requirements of legislative or other mandate.

Faculty Exchanges

The exchange of faculty between the University and another institution, foreign or domestic, is beneficial for both faculty and students and is one of the University's goals. The usual arrangement is that each of the institutions involved is responsible for the salary of its own faculty member. The visitor to the University will have the title and perquisites of a visiting faculty member at the appropriate rank as recommended by the dean of the school.