Faculty Personnel Actions Requiring Approval by the Board of Visitors

Revised September 2020


The University’s Board of Visitors (BOV) retains final authority for the personnel actions of all full-time professorial faculty (not lecturers or instructors), including elections (new hires, named professorships, and emeritus status), “off-cycle” salary changes to base salaries (typically for additional responsibilities or competitive retention purposes), promotions in professorial rank, and tenure, and certain executive administrative elections. As such, all of these personnel actions are conditional until they are approved by the Board. Faculty resignations and retirements, as well as some other types of administrative appointments, are also announced to the board as a courtesy.

Faculty Personnel Actions (FPAs) are Resolutions presented to the BOV on a quarterly basis so they can approve them. The term “FPAs” is often referenced, but truly the Faculty Personnel Actions are only one subcomponent of the entire portfolio of materials reviewed and/or approved by the BOV.


General References

Additional Details by Specific Action Type

Additional Notes - General Conventions

  • “Dr.” is used as a prefix only when a faculty member has an M.D.

  • Middle names are always abbreviated to an initial

  • [t] is used to precede all actions pertaining to tenured faculty

  • “Without term” means the appointment has no end date, but this phrase is generally only used for disambiguation purposes. No mention of end date implies tenure.