University Seminars - Information for Students

For more than a decade, the University Seminar (USEM) program has provided an opportunity for first-year students to take unique two-credit seminar style courses in a variety of fields. Student participation in a University Seminar should foster a love of learning with the goal of igniting a spark of enthusiasm for a particular subject. It is expected that these courses will help students develop critical thinking skills and explore new ideas in an environment that encourages interactive learning and intensive discussion. University Seminars offer the chance to take a course with an instructor from a school outside of their own, or on a topic that would not typically be found within a single course of study.


University Seminars are offered during both the fall and spring semesters and are reserved for first-year students, except with instructor permission. The seminars are capped at 18 students, and are each two-credits.

You can enroll in a University Seminar through the Student Information System (SIS) the same way you enroll for any other course. Search for class mnemonic “USEM.”

Note: College of Arts & Sciences' student only: USEM 1570s count as NON-COLLEGE credit and USEM1580s count as elective credit inside the College of Arts & Sciences. Students in the College are limited to a maximum of 8 hours of USEM coursework. Click on the desired semester for detailed course information.