Parent & Guardian Connections 2021

What is the purpose of the connection tool?

The tool provides a resource to UVA faculty and staff who are parents/guardians of young or school-aged children. 

UVA post-docs, graduate and professional students, and medical residents and fellows are welcome to participate.

The tool facilitates connections with other UVA parents/guardians with similar needs and priorities, including: 

  • Contingency planning: establish networks with other UVA faculty/staff who are parents/guardians to assist one another if schools close due to Covid-19,
  • Community building: help UVA parents/guardians find others to connect with for support and engagement,
  • Recent relocation: meet other UVA faculty/staff who are new to town and interested in connecting.


How does the connection tool work?

By registering for the tool, UVA parents/guardians may access a database of other UVA parents/guardians interested in building community and assisting one another. The database contains contact information, shared only to registrants with similarly aged children in the same geographic area, to enable connection.

The Parent Connections Tool 2021 is open for registration beginning September 22, 2021. Registrants may begin to view connections on October 4, 2021.

To learn more, see our FAQs and Terms of Use.

As with any in-person social interactions, individuals who use this tool are advised to discuss values and expectations in advance of meeting and to respect one another’s perspectives and safety practices.

If you are unable to complete the registration form, please email so that we may assist.

REGISTRANTS: View your connections below.  

Select the high school district where your residence is zoned, even if you do not have a high school student.  This is used to determine which contacts reside near you.

Albemarle residents: Need help determining your district?   Visit the Albemarle County Public Schools website.

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