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3x3 Video Series

3x3 Process

3x3s were created to disrupt monolithic understandings of communities at UVA and to provide online opportunities for learning among instructors.

Professional playwrights worked with members of the UVA community--including staff, students, and faculty-- to generate short, fictionalized monologues. The monologues were then workshopped in collaboration with an actor, who offered their personal insights and artistry to the process.

We are working to generate more 3x3s over the coming year, and we welcome community participation. If you'd like to contribute to the process as a "UVA Community Consultant," please send us an email

Request 3x3 Facilitation Support

While 3x3s are asynchronous and self-driven, you may choose to use these materials in small group settings.  UVA Acts is happy to provide individuals support in learning how to facilitate dialogue using these resources. If you'd like to request such support, please email us.


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