Women and men particpants in an Inclusive Teaching Toolkit class acting out script.

UVA Acts - Programs

Building an Inclusive Culture Series

In the Moment: Trauma-Informed Approaches (75-90 minutes)
Develop awareness and learn trauma-informed practices to prevent and/or address heated moments in the classroom.

Saying No: Finding Confidence in the Decline (90 minutes)
Interactive workshop that empowers faculty to not feel obligated to say yes.

We Can Sort This Out: Gender Equity in STEM (90 minutes)
Witness the impact of microaggressions and find ways to challenge moments of gender bias within STEM.

With Respect to That: Ally Intervention Strategies (75-90 minutes)
Consider how small changes and intentional practices can counteract belonging uncertainty. Strategize and practice ways to interrupt bias, affirm impact, and build a more inclusive culture.

Leadership & Development Series

Flying Colors: Addressing Accountability (60-75 minutes)
Colleagues meet with their supervisor and watch as accountability, boundaries, and collaboration are handled.

Feedback Needed (60-75 minutes)
Managers engage in two-way feedback, building a culture of communication and care.

Here to Support You: Addressing Conflict Management (60-75 minutes)
Finding and practicing mediation strategies in moments of conflict. 

Inclusive Teaching Toolkit

First Impressions (75 minutes)
Step into a student’s shoes to observe Dr. Timmons and Dr. Erickson's course introductions and reflect upon your own teaching practices for the first day of class.

Leading Small Teams (60-75 minutes)
Learn how transparent assignments and groupwork facilitation can provide a more inclusive working environment for all students.

Building Belonging (90 minutes)
Consider how small changes can allow students to feel they belong in your classroom, at UVA, and in your field of research.

Search Committee Signals

Implicit Bias in Academic Hiring (90-120 minutes)
Follow along with this quirky search committee as they learn to align, intervene, and plan throughout their recruitment and hiring process.

Implicit Bias in Staff Hiring (90-120 minutes) 
Follow along with this staff search committee as they learn to align, intervene, and problem-solve throughout their hiring process.

UVA Acts Appetizer Series

It’s Not a Trend: Using Pronouns (25-45 minutes)
Watch two faculty discuss how and why pronouns should be used and respected. Unpack intent vs. impact.

You Can Call Me: Name Pronunciation (25-45 minutes)
Watch as the discomfort around pronouncing "difficult" names mounts in a first meeting. Engage with characters as you learn about intent vs. impact.

3x3 Video Series

Multifaceted Narratives of the UVA Experience

The 3x3 Series is curated with the intent to capture authentic and multifaceted narratives of the UVA experience. This series aims to make visible the experiences of folks who are often forgotten, overlooked, or silenced in larger conversations about systems and culture at UVA. Any UVA employee can access the filmed monologues for personal reflection here, and you can email uvaacts@virginia.edu for additional facilitation support when using these resources for dialogue in a group.

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