Coordinator of Academic Accessibility (COAA)

Female student using a video magnifier"The University aspires to be a place in which all faculty, students, and staff are active participants in its work, where those groups historically excluded from participation in University life are present in numbers that prevent isolation of the spirit and of the mind, and where each individual is conscious of the many ways in which she or he contributes uniquely to the creation and dissemination of knowledge that enhances the well-being of our community, our state, our nation, and the world."

– Thomas C. Katsouleas, Executive Vice President & Provost
Academic Benefits of Diversity at the University of Virginia - May 19, 2017

The Role of the Coordinator of Academic Accessibility (COAA)

Working to ensure accessibility for all to the academic experience at UVA, in particular members of the University community with disabilities, is the primary focus of the COAA. This is accomplished through a variety of means including:

  • Identifying and adopting best practices for increasing academic accessibility throughout the University in both the physical and digital environments.
  • Broadening inclusion by increasing the awareness and use of universal design concepts in course design and experiences.
  • Collaborating with specific schools and departments on initiatives designed to increase awareness and implement practices related to academic accessibility.
  • Coordinating Grounds-wide efforts to analyze current needs, identify opportunities for progress, and recommend priorities to University leadership.
  • Engaging with peer institutions to explore solutions which provide a larger impact in removing barriers in the education environment.


Lori Kressin
Coordinator of Academic Accessibility
Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost
102 Cresap
Charlottesville, VA 22904