Resources, Services & Tools for Academic Accessibility

Applications & IT Tools

Other websites focusing on accessibility at the University:

Otter Voice Notes
Otter Voice Notes (Otter) is a tool that converts voice conversations into smart notes by recording the audio and using artificial intelligence to provide machine-generated transcription. These transcriptions/notes can be edited, shared, and easily searched. 

Read&Write Software
Offers reading, writing, studying, and research support tools that integrate with your computing device for universal learning options.

SensusAccess is a self-service, on-demand file conversion tool. It can turn written documents into audio MP3 files to play on any device or DAISY audiobooks for the visually impaired.  It can also render image-only PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and JMP statistical graphics into less challenging formats. Funded by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost for a three-year pilot, it is available to all members of the UVA community.


University Resources & Guidance

Report a Barrier
The University is committed to universal access for all students here on Grounds. It is our goal to eliminate any barriers that prohibit the entrance into University buildings, sidewalks, etc. Please help us by reporting barriers that you may encounter, such as broken wheelchair lifts, blocked access ramps, broken door activators, etc.

Hosting Events - Accessibility Considerations
Common accessibility issues that you should ensure before your next event.

UVA Accessibility Map
A map of the accessible, partially accessible, and non-accessible areas on campus.

UVA Accessible Parking
The University of Virginia and the Department of Parking & Transportation is committed to providing accessible services for students, faculty, staff, patients, and visitors of the University.

Accessibility Partners @ UVA
A collaboration of offices across grounds that are dedicated to equal access for all. The participating units work to maintain the UVA Accessibility website and along with other offices, committees and individuals, endeavor to create a welcoming and inclusive experience for the entire University community and guests.

ADA Coordinator
The University's ADA Coordinator helps to resolve disability-related issues, conducts disability-related training, and serves as the University's primary resource for questions and concerns about services and accommodations for individuals with disabilities, including third parties, students,  faculty, staff, and employees at the university and the Medical Center.

Student Disability Access Center
The SDAC, formerly known as the LNEC, supports the University's commitment to accessible education. For UVA students with disabilities, they encourage self-determination and independence via accommodations, education, consultation, and advocacy with the goal of creating an equitable academic experience.

University Library Accessibility Services
The University Library provides a variety of services and equipment in support of the research needs of individuals with disabilities. Please ask for information on assistance retrieving materials or providing specialized study arrangements.


Other Resources & Guidance

The Law and Accessible Texts: Reconciling Civil Rights and Copyrights