Hearing Loop Installations On Grounds

Hearing loops send sound directly from an audio source into a listeners’ telecoil (T-coil) enabled hearing aids or cochlear implant improving clarity and understanding.

Hearing Loop Universal SymbolHearing Loop Installations At UVA

Hearing loop is available in a number of classrooms and other venues across Grounds including the Rotunda, Old Cabell Hall Auditorium, Darden School of Business and the Miller Center Forum Room.

Rooms equipped with loop technology are listed below and will be identified by the universal symbol for hearing with a "T" in the bottom right corner. In the Rotunda, these signs are white with dark brown text and content. Elsewhere, the rooms are identified with the standard blue/white signage.

What is hearing loop technology?

A hearing loop system sends sound directly from a microphone into a listeners’ telecoil (T-coil) enabled hearing aids or cochlear implants improving clarity and understanding. For the system to work, the hearing aid wearer must have the T-coil in their device turned on. Most hearing aids now come readily equipped with a T-coil, but it often has to be activated by the audiologist. Receivers/listeners are available for those individuals who do not have a T-coil in their device.

Secondly, it is important to remember that the speaker must use the microphone and venue sound system for the hearing loop technology to work.

Please refer to the Hearing Loop Resources page for more information.

What if my hearing device is not T-coil enabled?

Personal, portable loop receivers/listeners (worn around the neck or clipped to a belt) and headphones (both in-ear and over-the-ear) are available for check-out. Use the venue-specific contact information below to reserve a device for your use or for more information.

OTOjOY sells LoopBuds Hearing Loop Receiver Earphones if you are interested in purchasing your own device. These earbuds work with an app on your smartphone to access the hearing loop within a venue. (Note: These come with a 3.5mm plug (round). If you use an iPhone you may need to purchase an adapter.)

Personal receivers can be used in any venue that is looped, worldwide.

REMEMBER: If you have a telecoil / T-coil in your device and it is turned on, you are all set! 

Where is hearing loop available at UVA?

Select the following venues for more information. Check back as more venues are looped!


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